November 8, 2019

Do you know these impractical toilet designs?

The toilet is the most commonly used functional area in our daily life. Bathing and toileting will be carried out here.
Bathroom decoration is the most important part of family decoration, just like the kitchen, because there are many recessive decorations that directly affect our subsequent use. For example, change water, electricity and pipes.
The selection of toilet appliances is also very critical, such as floor tiles, hand basins, hardware, etc., which is related to the use experience and comfort.
We may leave a lot of regrets for the first decoration. However, let’s sum up these points in the hope that we can do better next time.

May be you wan to know What is the bathroom trend at 2019-2020?

1.The toilet is pasted with light colored or white floor tiles

shaker style bathroom vanity australia

White toilet floor, alittle water stains, hair, can be at a glance.
Although the white toilet floor looks clean and tidy, it’s really not as good as expected when it’s used.

2.The mirror looks at the flowers in the fog every day, so it is necessary to have a anti-fogging mirror.

anti-fogging mirror

Antifogging mirror, its back is the heating wire, so that the water will not condense on the mirror. Don’t worry about the fog on the mirror when you take a bath.

3.Basin on the stage except for the good-looking , all the rest are trouble.

tapware melbourne

The basin on the stage is indeed more beautiful, but when it is used, it is known that it has so many health dead ends.
Eevn though just barely get a clean,but in a few days, it will return to its original state. It’s better to use the basin under the stage when there is water.
Convenience is the king.

4.Modelling ceramic tile, you will regrets when buy it.

ceramic tapware

In the face of such a sense of modeling tiles, no matter who it is, there is no resistance.
If it never gets dusty, it must be the perfect wall decoration.
See the little gap between tiles ? See here, I believe you must know how to choose.
Use first, clean first.

5.The cheap glass glue and joint sealer brought by the construction team destroyed my high color and small flower brick.

After living for a long time, they found that they were black and moldy, and even seriously discolored.
If you must use glass glue, or go to buy their own bathroom dedicated anti mildew waterproof antioxidant products.
Although the price is high, in fact, the whole house doesn’t use many units, which is still very cost-effective!

6.Don’t install the bathtub, it should be determined according to your own situation.


At the beginning of the decoration, we must install a bathtub, and really stay in a new home, before we start to ask ourselves, is the bathtub really often used?
Well, even if it’s common, it’s harder to clean a bathtub than to bathe yourself.
Wash the bathtub before you take a bath.
After you wash your fragrance, you can’t leave a jar of dirty water for the night.
Just do it, wait until the bathtub is white, and you dirty again
Of course, if you have two bathrooms at home, you can choose to install a bathtub.
You can soak large clothes, or you can take a bubble bath with your baby, which is also very good.

7.Right angle marble bathroom counter, it’s painful to use.

shaker style bathroom vanity australia

In fact, it may not matter that the counter of the hand basin in the bathroom is at right angles.
But if the door separating wet and dry is close to the top of the hand basin, or the toilet is close to the top of the hand basin.
That bump is inevitable, bump, that is the real pain.
So, toilet area is small, can choose circular arc shape hand basin.
Safety first.

8.Material of shower screen is very important.

shower screen
shower screen

Dry and wet separation is a common way of separation in the toilet, which made of glass usually.
Due to installation,environment, or shower screen partition is prone to self explosion.
So, high quality glass with explosion-proof and self-cleaning functions should selected.
During the installation, the process will followed step by step, and the bursting diaphragm will be pasted after finsh it and shower mixers.
Even if it does explode, the bursting diaphragm can also have protective effect.

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