November 8, 2019

What is the bathroom trend at 2019-2020?

Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design
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Recently, in The Block bathroom design competition, participants showed their representative bathroom design works to the judges, Courtney and Hans won the highest award.

2019 Trend Bathroom

When decorating bathrooms, practicality may affect style. By 2019, efficiency and old-fashioned luxury will complement each other, transforming the bathroom into the ultimate fashionable and healthy area.
The correct color applied to the wall design is the bathroom trend needs attention. This makes the bathroom look fashionable, and it makes people want to keep the door of the bathroom open all the time.

Natural materials

Many natural materials occupy the center of the bathroom. The stone features of Bianca and Carla amaze the judges and draw attention to the importance of using natural materials in this space.
Natural and man-made stone materials surpass the current wood trend and fascinate designers. Sara Chamberlain, the house designer, said: “in 2019, colored marble is popular and creative. Bathroom accessories such as trays and soap boxes are made of beautiful colored marble, which makes it an economic trend.”
Similarly, the Italian terrazzo is resurrecting and appearing in Courtney’s and Hans’ winning designs. All three judges agreed that the use of terrazzo was a fashionable choice, matching the original style of the building.
As a popular high polish decorative material, especially decorative art design, terrazzo has strong impact resistance and firmness, making it a smart and fashionable choice for busy family bathroom.

Style and Direction

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Although the Nordic simple style is popular in 2018, the bathroom will have more decorative styles next year. Interior designer Tamsin Johnson said: “the antique style is back, which makes the interior space darker, more difficult to design but very effective.” Chamberlain agrees: “the impact of the coffee culture is in interesting shapes and patterns on tiles and accessories. Remember that the style of decorating the bathroom should be consistent with the rest of your home. ”


Bathroom design 2019
Bathroom design 2019

Now the desire to return to nature is stronger than ever, and various green hues continue to dominate. “Forest green and lovely soft grey are great, they look perfect,” Johnson said. Bathroom space is small, so it’s important to decorate some dark colors. “People’s eyes will look for the key points, so when designing fixtures and accessories, they can choose Navy, black or charcoal, which are easy to match with light colors,” chamberlain said.

Smart Bathroom

With the rapid development of smart home, this technology will show a strong trend in 2019, whether it is the intelligent shower with adjustable water temperature or the regulating function of lighting. “Today’s bathroom is an experience that feels like a day spa, not a quick mission area,” chamberlain said. There’s nothing more luxurious than controlling the experience. ”


Green plants are another strong trend. Although the judges have some reservations about Hayden and Sara’s Wall Garden, the potted plants and palm trees are really beautiful. Besides, next year’s bathroom design is more decorative and unique.

Wall Design

In 2019, far away from the walls of matte white and neutral color, it adopts more sweet designs such as high gloss enamel paint and exquisite ceramic tiles. “Wall panels and small square, rectangular or circular tiles from floor to ceiling add a striking feel,” chamberlain said
Practical ceramic tiles are often used, but will become a feature next year. “I’ve never liked the contrast between tiles and plaster,” Johnson said. “I like hand-painted tiles, both artistic and functional.”


In terms of bathroom lighting, appearance and function are equally important. “Antique, medieval and Italian bathroom lighting is perfect,” Johnson said
For more practical lighting, discrete styles work. “You’ll see the best and the worst in this space, so make sure you adjust accordingly. In a narrow space, backlight mirror, lighting under bracket and wall mounted chandelier can achieve effective but inconspicuous lighting tasks,” chamberlain said.

Bathtub and vanity

“It’s a real long-term trend for a smooth, double trough vanity to be practical and beautiful,” chamberlain said
Add a sense of affluence to the design, add elegant decorative art style, humble old-fashioned style faucet, or mix old brass, chrome and nickel options that are more ergonomic.
Any attractive bathroom center is a bathtub. In 2019, independent bathtubs are the most fashionable, whether it’s a high-end design ship or a classic claw foot bathtub with marble, terrazzo or porcelain surface. “If there’s room, please install a freestanding bathtub, or the bathtub can be designed with beautiful stones and more traditional style faucets,” Johnson said.

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